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Released: October 16, 2018


The Chinese calendar, commonly known as the Farmers’ Calendar, or the Hsia Calendar, is a fascinatingly accurate system, which not only records the passage of time, but is also a tool for fortune-telling. The famous traditional fortune-telling system – The Four Pillars of Destiny – is exactly referring to reading a person’s destiny from his birth data as presented in the Hsia calendar format. The unique feature of such calendar is that all information about time – year, month, day and hour are presented in terms of the five basic elements – metal, water, wood, fire and earth, which are believed to be the basic components of everything in the Universe. The relationship between the five elements accurately helps one predict what is to come by way of one’s fortunes and thus, one can by using this knowledge, multiply the good luck or minimize the bad luck in one’s life.



The Year of the Pig, 2019, in the Hsia calendar, is symbolized by two Chinese characters – with Yin earth sitting on top of Pig which is water element.  So it is an  earth year with Earthly branch water conquered by Heavenly stem earth on top.  According to the cycle of birth and destruction, which governs the inter-relationship between the elements, if the two elements are in the destructive cycle and have fighting relationship, then the year will have more conflicts. This happened in the previous years of 2015 wood over earth, 2016 and 2017 fire over metal.  In 2018, year of Earth over earth, the U.S.A. made peace with North Korea. This year 2019 is Earth conquers Water,  the two elements are in destructive cycle.  Normally such configuration will mean more conflict and less harmony in international relationship. But the nature of Yin Earth  is a garden or “Mother Earth” which is more gentle and moderate. A person born on a Yin Earth day is more philosophical, humanitarian and peaceful. Hence the atmosphere is that people may choose to be more considerate and less stubborn with tendency to compromise and accommodate others needs.  Under such atmosphere, there will be improvement in harmony and peace in  international relationship.

However, as the yin earth element is sitting on water. The peace and harmony is merely superficial without foundation and solid support from below. Hence the peaceful atmosphere is fragile and there is under current of secretive hostility and so there will be terrorist activities and assassinations, unrest and rebellions in various parts of the world.

The Yin Earth is related to “garden earth” and “mother earth” which brings the atmosphere of relaxation and comfort. Hence many people born on Yin Earth day are artists, politicians and scientists with contribution to culture, humanity and nature. However, as Yin earth sitting on the water element is lacking support of fire, it is weak and unstable earth and this may bring earth disasters such as earthquake, landslide, collapse of building and avalanche.  There will be danger of “sunken ground” and trouble of building collapse with unstable foundation.  The powerful water of the Pig also will bring water disasters such as flooding and heavy rain storm.

Earth also means the road which will trigger Traffic accidents. The Pig is travelling horse and will stimulate plenty of movement of people. As the Pig is water element which clashes against Snake, there will be accidents at sea. The year of earth pig does not have fire element. As fire is air traffic, the total absence of fire will also bring down airplanes.  Hence more air sea traffic accidents may happen. Looking back in history, there are quite serious earth disasters related to Earth Pig years. Just pick some significant examples from the previous Earth Pig year 60 years ago in 1959 –There is serious earthquake of Magnitude 7.9 occurred in East Kamchatka in Russia on 4/5/1959.  Another earthquake of magnitude 7.2 happened in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, USA on 13/8 killing 28 people. Also there was 7.2 Scale earthquake off Taiwan on 15/8 and 7.3 scale earthquake in New Zealand on 14/9…..  There were also plenty of water related disaster.  On 8/8/1959 big flood in Taiwan killed 2000 people, on 26/9/1959, Typhoon Vera hit Japan killing 5098 people.  On 2/12/1959 Malpasset Dam in Southern France collapsed and water flew over the town of Frejus killing 412 people.  Similar water and earth disasters happened also 120 years ago in 1899, also year of earth pig.  On 12/2/1899 there was the Great Blizzard in North America with freezing temperature and heavy snow.  On 4/3/1899, the Cyclone Mahina strike Queensland killed 400 – this the deadliest natural disaster in Australia history.

The Yin earth sitting on water Pig reflects the earth on an unstable foundation of water. Hence there will be danger of mining disasters. Looking back in history, the previous earth Pig years of 1959 and 1899 also had experienced serious mining trouble. On 21/1/1960, still the year of earth Pig in Chinese calendar, a coal mine collapsed at Holly County, South Africa, killing 435 miners.  On 28/8/1899, at least 512 were killed when a copper mine in Japan collapsed under heavy rain.

In the Chinese classical novel “Journey to the West”, one of the legendary hero is a famous Pig – Zhu Bajie. His character is smart but greedy, lustrous and lazy.  This quality is symbolized by the star “Heavenly Umbrella” with the character of clever, cheating, cunning and deception. Hence the year of the Pig will show more deceptive crime, corruption cases, as well as sex scandal. There will be more cheating and fraud particularly on internet.

In Four Pillars of Destiny system, the Snake and Pig is a ‘Travelling Horse” which will trigger a lot of movement and travels.   The Pig is in clash against the Snake, this is clashes between Water and Fire elements.  Hence the Pig and the Snake will bring more travelling by sea and by air.  Such clashes between water and fire will also cause accidents in the air and at sea.  Looking back at the previous earth Pig year in 1959,  on 3/2/1959 the famous musician Buddy Holly died in a plane crash in Iowa, U.S.A. This is The Day the Music Died” as sung by Don Mclean in his famous song “American Pie”.  Also on this same day, the American airline Flight 320 crashed near New York killing 65 people.  On 30/6/1959 an airplane crashed into a school in Okinawa killing 21 students.  On 21/1/1960 Avianca Flight 671 crashed at Montego Bay, Jamaica killing 37 people.  On 8/12/1959 a lifeboat called Mona capsized in Scotland killed 8.

The Chinese calendar of Heavenly stems and Earthly Branches goes on 60 years cycle. This means that we had experienced  the same yin earth Pig year 60 years ago in 1959 as well as 120 years ago in 1899.  The year 1959 saw the Vietnam war escalating with serious insurgents by the Viet Cong against the Government under Ngo Dinh Diem. In 1899 China is under Qing Dynasty ruled by Empress Dowager Cixi and  Emperor Guangxu  and there was aggressive invasion by Russia and other western countries.  The Boxer rebellion with anti foreigner’s activities broke out in China leading to the battle of Senluo Temple in October 1899. 60 years ago in 1959, there was Tibetan rebellion in China and Dalai Lama escaped to India on 17/3/1959. Hence the previous years of Earth Pig were also marked with unrest and instability.

In the five elements system, fire is happiness and optimism which prevailed in the previous years of fire monkey and fire rooster.   However when the year of Dog arrives, the fire enters the grave hence it brings setback to optimism  which in turn will cause setback in the economic atmosphere.  The Dog represents the month of October which is end of autumn and beginning of winter.  The optimistic fire element continue to diminish in the year of the Pig.  As Dog is grave of fire, Pig is the stage when fire is “Terminated”  and the fearful water element is going to takeover.  As water symbolizes fear, there is lacking of optimism in the Pig year and it will  bring decline in economic growth and activities leading to longer term setback of the stock market and more economic crisis will come up.  As there will not be return of fire year until 2025, we expect a long lasting bearish market ahead.

Yin Earth is symbol of a Garden, as Yin is female, it also represents “Mother Earth”,  So it is very much related to natural sciences and the environment.  In history, many famous scientists, artists and politicians who made great contribution to humanity were born on the day of Yin Earth, such as Charles Darwin, Leonardo Da Vinci, Sigmund Freud were Yin Earth people.  Famous artists born on Yin earth day include Michael Angelo, Tarkovsky, George Michael. Also famous American Presidents – Abram Lincoln, Barak Obama, Franklin Roosevelt and Donald Trump were also born on Yin Earth day. It is also interesting fact that most of the famous people known to be Gay were born on day of Yin earth.  A lot of famous names quoted above – Leonardo Da Vinci, Michael Angelo, Tarkovsky, George Michael are known to be gay.  The logic could be that in the Five Elements system, Metal and Wood are opposite, Water and Fire are opposite, but Earth is neutral and has no opposite element.  Hence Earth people may have more tendency to be homosexual. 

In Traditional Chinese medicine, Yin earth represents stomach and pancreas.  The trouble of imbalance of earth is very much related to stomach and digestion problem. As yin earth is pancreas which is responsible for regulation of blood sugar through production of insulin, the weakness of pancreas also causes diabetes. 

Also the diminish of fire element from 2019 with clash between Pig and Snake will also bring weakness in the blood circulation and the heart.  As hidden inside the Pig is water and wood and no fire, the wood will be wet and this will cause sickness of the bones such as rheumatism.  The Pig has self penalty with the pig, such water penalty will also cause problem to sexual organs. The heart and blood circulation aspect is related to fire element, as the Pig means Termination of fire, it is unfavorable for people who needs fire element. The disappearance of fire from 2018 to 2022 will bring problem of weak energy, weak heart, poor blood circulation and indigestion.  The imbalance of earth element will also bring stomach problems and diabetes. So the suitable health supplement should be anti-oxidant for regulating earth element, and COQ10 for enhancing fire element.

Yin earth is described as Garden earth.  People born on Yin earth day are in general  more gentle, moderate, charismatic, philosophical and humanitarian.  And as it is a garden, it gives impression of relaxation and comfort.  Most Yin earth people are slim such as President Lincoln and President Obama, Celine Dion, Uma Thurman, Audrey Hepburn,,,, Yin earth ladies are often graceful and classy. Another typical yin earth gentleman is George Clooney who possesses the intellectual and philosophical image of Yin earth people. He also showed concern about social issues and noted for his political and economic activism, and has served as one of the United Nations Messengers of Peace.  He is deeply involved in humanitarian work to find resolution for the Darfur conflict, fund raising for 2010 Haiti earthquake victims, and make documentaries to raise awareness about international crises.  Many other famous yin earth people are scientists, artist and political activists – such as Da Vinci, Charles Darwin, Sigmund Frued, Julian Assange, Jet Li, Mel Gibson, Kevin Spacey, Sergey Brin, and of course Donald Trump.
The  fire  element basically symbolize happiness in the Five mood of people, and it will generate optimism and confidence.   As such,  fire years often boost peoples confidence about the economy bringing good performance to the stock market.  This has been the driving factor behind the stock market boom since 2013 until 2017 with strong presence of fire element in these years.  However, the cycle of fire elements ended in 2017 with the yin candle fire, and  as 2018 year of Dog represents Grave of Fire,  it means the optimism of fire is going down and the pessimism of water will come up.  The  years of  2019, 2020, 2021 are all years of water and metal and the fire element will not return until the next snake year in 2025. 2019 the Pig year represents termination of fire,  therefore the general economic atmosphere is entering a bearish cycle and the economic pace will be gloomy and slowing down in 2019.  The Pig in the Chinese calendar represents November which is  beginning of winter, with fire going away and water coming up to generate fear.  Looking back the history of Wall street, the previous Pig year is 2007 when signs of trouble in second mortgage business started to emerge leading to the financial tsunami in 2008.
The Pig is the animal in clash against the Snake.   It is heavy clash between water and fire so it will generate water and fire disasters such as flooding, sinking of ship, airplane crash.  The yin earth sitting on top of pig are weak earth without fire support.  So such weak earth will also cause landslide, sunken ground, collapse of building, mining disaster and other earth disasters…    

People who are born in the year of Pig are offending the year,  People born in year of Snake is in clash against the year.  They usually have more movements and travelling in 2019, it is ok to take such chance to make necessary changes such as moving house, moving office, or changing job or taking trips.  However they should take extra care and refrain from risky sports such as driving fast cars, driving airplane, skin diving, parachuting etc.   It is recommended that they carry the pendant of a Tiger which will help to attract away the Pig, so as to minimize the negative influence of the clash.  For people born in year of the Snake, it is good to minimize travelling direct towards the north-west direction as it is the direction of the Grand Duke in 2019
The yin earth element of 2019 is expected to bring prosperity to wood industries and earth industries; this is because wood conquers earth, so the earth element is a symbol of money to the wood industry, which includes fashion, media, paper, books, education and environmental industry.    The second best industries could be earth, as earth conquers water,  so the Pig provides money and profitability for earth industries such as property, mining, insurance, computer software….. fire industry is active and productive in 2019 as fire produces earth, so the yin earth represents productivity to fire.  Fire industries are energy, finance, entertainment.   Water industry faces strong competition in Pig year.  So water industries  such as shipping, transport, communication…..etc are not very prosperous.  Also the money to water industry is fire which is totally absent.  Metal industry such as banking, machinery, cars, also into unfavorable year as the money element to metal is wood, and wood is totally absent.  But the water of the Pig is productivity of metal, so it remains active even though money not showing up. 

In summary, the industries that will perform well in the year of the Dog will be industries related to Wood element and Earth element.  Wood industries are environment, fashion, media, books, education, plants and flowers.  Earth industries are property, insurance, mining, high tech….  Fire industries are productive but not so profitable. The other industries of metal, water are into not so prosperous year in 2018.

In general, the Yin Earth Pig year, with earth on top and water below, is symbol of peace and relaxation on the outside with under current of danger, unrest and deception inside.  There is still conflict and disharmony in international relationship and may be more hidden  and less open .   Also there are natural disasters such as earthquake, landslide, fire, explosion, accidents at sea and in the air  and some environmental disasters and disease and epidemic still prevail.

The Pig year is Nobleman year for people born in fire year or fire day.  Fire years are years ending with 6 and 7 .  Such as 1946, 1947, 1956, 1957, 1966, 1967…..etc.  Nobleman means  angel coming from Heaven to provide rescue and support and such Nobleman often bring solution to troubles and making the year more comfortable and smooth.  People who are having Nobleman in 2019 can take the chance to make progress and develop new projects.

The animal sign which is most unfavorable is the Snake which is in direct clash against the Pig. Such clashes will usually bring about turbulence, movements, accident or changes...As it is heavy water and fire clash, it will stimulate misfortunes related to air and sea travels.  .People born in the year of the Snake will anticipate more traveling, or movements such as changing jobs or moving house.  It is necessary to carry the pendant of a Tiger as protection to attract the Pig away.   For people who are under clash with the year, it is ok to travel more, making changes such as moving house, or change job.

However, for people born in the year of the Snake,  it is recommended not to travel directly towards the direction of the Grand Duke, which is the north -west direction. . The other animal’s signs facing unfavorable positions is the Pig which is offending the Grand Duke. It is also good to carry pendant of Tiger to reduce any negative influence.  The more serious aspect are the Pig and Pig self- penalty which will affect people who have Pig  in their Four Pillars chart.   Such self penalties will usually bring disharmony, irritation, worries and frustrations, as well as sickness related to water, which could be urinary system, kidney, and sexual organs. The wetness of water and lacking fire can also cause rheumatism, eczema.  The weak earth on top of the pig represents earth problem such as weak stomach and pancreas, and this will in turn cause diabetes.   As  fire is terminated in 2019,  it will also cause sickness related to heart and blood circulation.  For people anticipating clash or penalty with the Pig, It is also good to carry pendant of Tiger as protection to minimize the negative effect.
The animals combining with the Pig year is the Tiger, the Rabbit and the Goat. These animals are into a year of harmony. However, such animal astrology is not totally reliable as the system is not recognized as a formal type of fortune-telling. For more reliable assessment of one’s fortune in the year of the Pig, it is recommended that one checks the full Four Pillars of Destiny, which requires full birth data information of the Year, Month, Day and Hour of birth.  As the animal signs can appear in all four pillars in a person’s birth data, the clash and penalty relationship with the Pig will not only cause impact on people born in the year of  Pig and Snake. Such clash and penalties can also impact anyone who has such animals in the birth month, or day or hour.

Some examples of famous people born in the year of the Snake and in clash against the Pig in 2019 are Xi Jinping, J.K. Rowling, Bashar al Assad, Bob Dylan, Bernie Sanders, Robert Downey Jr. Dimitry Medvedev, Donald Trump Jr.…   There are people not born in the year of Snake, but they are also under clash because they are born on the day of Snake, so they will also face a challenging year.  Some examples of these people are Angelina Joli, Ivanka Trump, Barak Obama, Mel Gibson, George Bush, Sylvester Stallone… The clash against the Day Pillar will usually cause movement or conflict in the family or human relationship area, especially in the relationship with the spouse or opposite sex. 

People born in year of the Pig is said to be “offending the Grand Duke” and having self penalty with the Pig year.   It is also recommended to carry pendant of the Tiger.. Examples of people born in Pig year are  Hillary Clinton, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Elton John, Stephen King, Kevin Spacey, Mike Pence, Kim Jong-un, Elon Musk, Julian Assange, Justin Trudeau…..
People born on Pig day will also suffer from self penalty in the year of the Pig, and this may cause irritation and worries in relationship with the spouse, or health problem related to lower part of the body. Example of people born on Pig day are George Clooney, Jet Li, Prince William, Emperor Akihito, Celine Dion. 

Feng Shui energies also change from year to year. Therefore, it is necessary to watch out for the re-allocation of good and bad energies at the beginning of each year, so that we can take necessary precautions if some bad energy happens to arrive at important locations of our residence or offices. In the year of the Pig, the bad energy called “Five Yellow” – symbolizing obstacles and misfortune, arrives at the South-west. It is recommended that one hangs a metal wind chime in the South-west of the house to dissolve this bad energy. The worst months will be in  May, August, November.     Another bad star number 2, symbolizing sickness, will arrive in the North-east in 2019. The traditional method to dissolve this 2 is to hang a string of six metal coins in the affected area in the North-east of the house.  The Grand Duke this year is in the North West, hence it is not favorable to “move earth” or make substantial construction work in this direction. It is also not recommended for one to sit with back against West as you will be sitting against the unfavorable energy called “Three Shars” or “Three Killings”.  The South East is  the “Crash position” against the Grand Duke which is also not good to sit.   The bad star 3 is a star of conflict and robbery. This is present in the South. It is necessary to put a piece of red paper in this position to minimize such bad influence. Also the bad star 7, representing scandals is in the South-east, the traditional solution for this bad star 7 is to place 3 piece of bamboo plant grown in clear glass vase of water in the South=east location.

Since middle of 2016, the Chinese calendar is actually entering a long cycle of metal, earth and water without the yang elements of wood and fire.  The next wood year will only come up in 2022 the year of water tiger. Before 2022 the powerful metal and earth is not favorable for strong metal people.  The prominent world leaders who are strong metal persons and will be adversely  affected are  Theresa May, Shinzo Abe, Tsai Ing-wen…  On the other hand, leaders whose favorable elements are metal and earth will enter a phase of smooth luck, these include Putin and  Xi jinping….