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Year of the Horse 2014

Released: October 21, 2013

The Chinese calendar, commonly known as the Farmers’ Calendar, or the Hsia Calendar, is a fascinatingly accurate system, which not only records the passage of time, but is also a tool for fortune-telling. The famous traditional fortune-telling system – The Four Pillars of Destiny – is exactly referring to reading a person’s destiny from his birth data as presented in the Hsia calendar format. The unique feature of such calendar is that all information about time – year, month, day and hour are presented in terms of the five basic elements – metal, water, wood, fire and earth, which are believed to be the basic components of everything in the Universe. The relationship between the five elements accurately helps one predict what is to come by way of one’s fortunes and thus, one can by using this knowledge, multiply the good luck or minimize the bad luck in one’s life.


Waiting for Breakfast

‚ÄčThe Year of the Horse, 2014, in the Hsia calendar, is symbolized by two elements – with wood sitting on top of fire. According to the cycle of birth and destruction, which governs the inter-relationship between the elements, wood produces fire and so they are on the productive cycle and have supportive relationship. Normally such mother and child supporting elements means harmony. However, it seems such theory may not be able to apply in 2014 as the nature of the elements are not that peaceful. Yang wood symbolizes a tree which is stubborn and sticking to principles, hard to compromise, and Horse is very powerful elements of fire energy bringing explosions and gun fire. 

With such elements, I cannot expect 2014 will be a peaceful year. The stubborn character of yang wood represents uncompromising attitude and makes it harder to reach agreement between conflicting interests. As such, there will be more international conflicts and struggles coming up even may lead to fierce fighting and battles. The horse is the month of June in Western calendar, which is peak of summer, the fire energy is very powerful. Hidden inside the horse is yin fire element which is candle fire . Such fire is flickering, emotional and unstable. There are many examples of yin fire bringing explosions and fire disasters. The 911 terrorist attack in 2001 happened on a yin fire day and yin fire month, the killing of Osama Bin Laden in 2011 also happened on a yin fire day, and the first atomic bomb was dropped in Hiroshima in character, and the powerful fire horse, there is reason to deduce that 2014 will have more international conflicts and clashes and will not be a peaceful year.

The Chinese calendar of Heavenly stems and Earthly Branches goes on 60 years cycle. This means that we had experienced the same Yang wood Horse year 60 years ago in 1954. This year marked the bitter defeat of the French troops in the famous battle of Dien Bien Phu in Vietnam in May 1954. Further looking back in history in the year 1894, the Sino Japanese August, and this a yin fire day…. With the combination of stubborn yang wood war broke out in August leading to the famous sea battle of the Yalu River with the Qing Dynasty Beiyang fleet almost totally destroyed by Japanese warships in September 1894.

With such serious conflicts on historical record in the previous two yang wood horse years, I cannot rule out the possibility of war and fierce battle in 2014. In Chinese Metaphysics, yang wood represents growth and activities. In the human body it is related to the head and the liver organ. Yang wood is often compared to a tree, which stands upright and seldom bend down. Hence yang wood people are head strong, sticking to principles and hard to compromise, in other words, they are stubborn and inflexible and refuse to surrender and seldom escape from pressure. As such, they have tendency to stand firm and fight for their principles and causes. When the pressure or opposition is overwhelmingly strong, yang wood will easily suffer injury, particularly to their head.

That is why some yang wood people will have eccentric behavior when under mental pressure. Examples of famous yang wood people are Britney Spears, Whitney Houston, Kristen Stewart, Virginia Wolf……Most of them have strange behaviors at times – like Britney Spears got married and divorced only 55 hours afterwards in 2004, Whitney Houston was also famous for cancelling concerts, late for interviews and shows, and missing performances and addiction to drug. She died in a bathtub in 2012, this is similar to Virginia Wolf, the renowned author who also committed suicide by walking into the sea. Another yang wood person – professor John Nash, who won Nobel prize in economics and whose story was popularized in the movie “A Beautiful Mind”, also suffered from schizophrenia –Yang wood basically symbolize Kindness in the Five Quality of people, and they are honest and stand by their principles. So they are reliable people and trusted friends, but such stubborn behavior will bring conflicts and injuries, so it is necessary for them to learn to be flexible and compromising in resolving issues. Particularly in 2014, yang wood standing on fire horse, fire is the aggressive element of wood, and people will easily get hot headed and impulsive leading to a fight. So it is a year necessary to refrain from aggressive actions and play cool and try best to find compromise solutions. Besides political struggles, it seems yang wood behavior will also bring more demand for improvement of working conditions and wages leading to more industrial actions.

The Chinese character Yang wood is written with a strong downward stroke. This is symbol of the trunk of a tree, and it also carry the meaning of penetration into the earth. As such, past experience shows yang wood year may have more incidents of meteorite attacks. In 1994, year of yang wood dog, the comet Shoemaker fell on Jupiter and creating a big crater as big as size of earth. In 1954, a 4 kilo meteorite fell into house in Alabama, and in 2004, a 1.3 kilo meteorite strike a house in New Zealand, and all years ending with 4 are Yang wood The Horse is strong fire element, in Chinese metaphysics it is very powerful energy. So it is an energetic year particularly related to energy business, air travel, sports, exercises, entertainment, restaurants, and fire is optimism which will continue to drive up the economy and the stock market. In the last yang wood horse year in 1954, the Dow Jones Industrial Average index closed at all time high level of 382.74 points, which was the peak since the Wall Street Crash of 1929.

The fire Horse is also Peach Blossom, or Flower of Romance, which is beneficial to entertainment and glamorous industries such as fashion, beauty, advertising and media…but the negative aspect of Peach Blossom can be sex scandals. The yang wood sitting on Horse is also a star called “Red Charm” which describes a woman of stunning beauty very easy to attract man. Certainly the very powerful fire energy of the Horse will also bring fire disasters, explosions, nuclear issues, gun shooting and war. In Chinese medicine, fire is heart and blood, strong fire will attack metal, which is the breathing organ. So there will be health problem of the heart, blood poisoning, inflammation, and breathing organ, lung and skin problems. 120 years ago, the year of Wood Horse in 1894, there is serious plague pandemic – bubonic plague which killed over 100,000 people in southern China including Canton and Hong Kong. In 2014, the flying star 4 is in the centre. 4 is the rooster, so it will not be surprising that we may have another scare of chicken flu.

I have mentioned above that the Chinese calendar year goes on 60-year cycle. This means that we have experienced the same year of yang wood over horse in 1954 and 1894. Both years were famous for the fierce battles of the Indo-China war, and the Sino-Japanese war.

However, In these previous wood horse years 1894 and 1954, there were also positive innovations bringing advancements in life-style. The Coca Cola began to be marketed in bottles in 1894, the International Olympic Committee was founded in same year. In 1954, the first nuclear-powered submarine was launched in USA, the first color TV set was manufactured by RCA, Texas Instrument produced the first commercial transistor radio, the first atomic power station in the world opened near Moscow in June 1954, and maiden flight of Boeing 707 took place in July 1954. The music of fire energy – Rock and roll began to be very popular in 1954 with release of “Rock Around the Clock” by Bill Haley and His Comets. First Sport Illustrated magazine was published in August 1954.

Of course, the previous wood fire years were not all achievements, they were also marked by some fire disasters and wars. Besides Indo-China war and Sino Japanese war, there was serious bubonic plaque in south-east China in 1894, and big forest fire in Hickley, Minnesota in September 1894 killing 450 people. It is also on record a strike involving 12000 tailors broke out in New York city to demand for better working conditions in September 1894.

In 1954, Soviet Union tested a thermonuclear bomb for the first time, fire on board a US aircraft carrier USS Bennington killed 103 sailors, and there are many air and sea accidents, hurricane, landslide disasters as well. There were many celebreties, super stars and famous people born on a day of Yang Wood, besides those I mentioned above, many great movies stars, singers, musicians and business tycoon in history belong to yang wood category. Just to name a few – Elvis Presley, Bruce Lee, Jimi Hendrix, Kiera Knightly, Kiefer Sutherland, Condoleezza Rice, Angela Merkel and our Mr. Li Ka Sing…… besides being a person of strong principle and integrity, wood people also possess the advantage of conquering Earth, which is their money element. And in the Chinese 12 animals cycle, earth animals appear 4 times, they are Dragon, Dog, Ox and Goat which is double the amount of other elements. This means the Wood people have double the chance of encountering money luck and this seems to be a big advantage over other elements. As earth is money to yang wood people, and earth is related to property and houses, most of the property tycoons, particularly the famous ones in Hong Kong are born in a day of “Yang wood”. Typical example is Mr. Li Ka Shing, one of the richest person in the world, is born on a day of yang wood with plenty of earth elements in his Four Pillars of The representative yang wood person today is the German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

She was born on 17/7/1954 and is a yang wood lady. She is considered the most powerful woman in the world, and the second most powerful person by the Frobes magazine. Being the leader of the European Union, she is most influential in shaping the policy of Europe and imposing tough austerity measures in handling the Euro crisis. She showed off tough, uncompromising principles of yang wood, one typical example is that she presented the M100 Media Award to the Danish cartoonist who offended the muslim community by drawing cartoon of the prophet Muhammad.

Other typical examples of yang wood people is the famous kung fu star Bruce Lee. He was born on 17/11/1940 which is a yang wood day. The movie that brought him international stardom is Fist of Fury in 1972 in which he played Kung fu fighter Chen Zhen who fought against the Japanese to defend the honor of the Chinese in the face of foreign aggression. The heroic image of nationalism and strong principle of pursuing justice is exactly the character of Yang wood. In the end of the movie, he charged empty handed towards the soldiers who surrounded him and opened fire at him. This is typical yang wood people who stand firm by their principles and refuse to surrender and compromise. Another image of yang wood can also be found in the popular US TV series 24. The actor Kiefer Sutherland was born 0n 21/12/66 which is also a yang wood day. In the TV series he played the role of Jack Bauer who is an Counter- Terrorist Unit agent. In the movie, Jack Bauer is a very capable agent of strong patriotism, he prevented major terrorist attacks to save civilian lives and he did it with strong determination and conviction and often at the expense of his own personal interest and safety. This also very much portray the tough and uncompromising yang wood personality. Patriotism and Nationalism are positive qualities, however, such factors may also contribute to international conflicts in 2014.

The Horse is a powerful fire element, and it is in clash against the Rat which is powerful water element. When such clash between fire and water occurs it will trigger serious fire and water disasters. Particularly, fire is blood and water is liquid, so there will more serious casualty with blood shed. Fire is also regarded as air element. As such, horse year will bring strong activities in airline business, air travel, even space exploration. It will be busy travelling year for many people and there will be traffic accidents especially related to air and sea. Fire is also energy, so there will be continual issues of nuclear weapon and nuclear energy. In the previous wood horse year 1954, The U.S.S. R tested the first nuclear bomb and built the first atomic power station near Moscow,. and the USA launched the first nuclear submarine….. So the problem of North Korea and Iran developing nuclear weapon will continue to be a major threat. The Horse will combine with the Tiger and the Dog to create a strong fire combination. . This is serious fire energy and will be the cause of explosions and fire disasters and even volcanic eruption. The more dangerous months are February and June, which are months of Tiger and Horse. In the aspect of health, fire is related to the heart and blood circulation. The strong fire will trigger serious heart and blood disease as well as inflammation problem. Also fire attacks metal, too strong fire will damage metal organs such as the lung and skin. Yang wood is related to liver, the head and hair. In such strong fire year the wood will be too dry and unhealthy, it is easy to have problem with the eyes which is related to the liver, losing hair, and head ache.

With fire burning wood from underneath, the wood will be very dry and unhealthy, as wood also symbolize trees and the environment, wood horse year may bring more serious environmental disaster, such as forest fire, serious air and sea pollutions, oil leakage etc.

As fire brings a lot of energy, this can also be expressed in exercises and sports. 2014 will be a year of international sports such as the FIFA World Cup to take place in Brazil in June, July, which will generate a lot of excitement and entertainment.

As the horse is source of powerful fire, it will easily cause problem in blood circulation and inflammation problem in health. Also the horse is in clash against rat which is water and represents kidney and immune system in Chinese medicine. Such clash will also weaken the immune system brining more chance of sickness and virus attacks. So for people who have problem with blood circulation and heart, and people who has weak kidney, it is best to take health supplements such as Omega 3 oil, vitamin C, vitamin E to reduce cholesterol and prevent blockage of the arteries, and cool down the excessive fire to support the kidney.

Strong fire also attacks metal which is breathing organ, lung and skin. So the horse year also creates bad air in the atmosphere and this is favorable circumstance for virus and epidemic spreading. In the previous wood horse year in 1894, there is serious bubonic plague in South China. In that year the feng shui flying star 2 was in the south, 5 is in the east, and 2 is star of sickness whereas 5 is star of misfortune. In 2014, the bad star 5 is in NW and 2 is in East, so these two locations will be more easily affected by virus. The star 4 is in the centre and 4 also symbolize the rooster. So it will not be surprising that the virus in 2014 may involve The Horse is the animal in clash against the Rat. As Horse is fire and Rat is water, such conflict between fire and water will result in fire and water disasters such as explosions, fire disasters, nuclear issues, as well as shipping disasters.

People who are born in the year of Horse are not only offending the year, but also is in self penalty, as Horse does not like itself. Penalty means worries, hate and dislike. If fire is unfavorable element, this will create health problems and misfortune related to blood, heart and fire. People born in year of Rat is in clash against the year. They usually have more movements and travelling in 2014, it is ok to take such chance to make necessary changes such as moving house, moving office, or changing job or taking trips. However they should take extra care and refrain from risky sports such as driving fast cars, driving airplane, skin diving, parachuting etc. It is recommended that they carry the pendant of a Goat which will help to attract away the Horse, so as to minimize the negative influence of the clash.

For people born in year of the Rat, it is good to minimize travelling direct towards the South direction as it is the direction of the Grand Duke in 2014.the Five basic elements represent different parts of our body, Wood is the liver, Fire is heart and blood circulation, and Water in general relates to the kidney and the immune system, sexual organ and the urinary system. And in 2014 the yang wood sitting on fire is weak and dry wood symbolizing liver problem. The strong fire generates inflammation, high blood pressure and heart disease. As water is very weak, we should also focus on kidney and immune system.. The horse fire will destroy metal and cause health problem in metal areas which is lung and breathing organs. These kinds of health problems will be more acute in the year 2014. It is important to take more Omega 3 oil, vitamin C, vitamin E, grape seed extract and anti –oxidant as a preventive measure.

Regarding flying star feng shui, the current twenty year period from 2004 to 2024 is called “Age of 8” and this number 8 represents the Trigram of Mountain and it also is symbol of young children. Therefore since stepping into Age of 8 in 2004, it seems there are more disasters and misfortune affecting children. The latest incidents included the big earthquake in China in 2008 killing a lot of school kids, also the disaster of contaminated baby milk powder caused serious kidney stone problem to children.. In 2011, the famous jasmine revolution which brought about big changes in North Africa, the riot in the U.K, and the massacre of young people in Norway are all examples of young people problem which is most prominent in “Age of 8”. This number 8, representing children will always present in the centre of the flying star chart in this 20 years from 2004 to 2024. So it is always important to pay attentions to children safety and well being in this period of 8.

Regarding the economy, fire element is often the driving force behind the stock market. The five elements are also affecting people’s mood. In general fire is joy, water is fear, Earth is meditation, metal is sadness, and wood is anger. As such, fire year often generates optimism and drive up the stock market, such as 2006 and 2007. But in 2008 the water arrived and obviously people began to have fear about worsening of the USA sub-prime problem and recession. So the financial tsunami occurred in autumn of 2008 leading to a few years of instability in the world economy. The years subsequent to 2008 were missing the fire element, so the crisis and instability particularly in USA and Europe prevailed until 2013, when the US economy showed strong recovery with the fire Snake year. The fire of 2013 will continue into the horse year of 2014 and we can expect genuine substantial improvement in economic atmosphere as investors will regain confidence supported by the fire horse. So this could be a year that the economic activities and stock market will continue to be very active particularly in spring and summer. The strong fire this year is creating the positive mood, which is optimism and drive bringing confidence to buy. This positive fire energy will continue into 2015 and 2016 which are also wood and fire showing up in the The wood fire element of 2014 is expected to bring prosperity to water industries and metal industries; this is because water conquers fire, so the fire element is a symbol of money to the water industry, which includes shipping, transport, communications. The second best industries could be metal, as metal conquers wood, so wood is money to metal industry. Also metal needs fire to melt it into useful tools and the fire horse is present. Metal industries are hi tech, banking, machinery, cars, engineering. Wood industry is also positive as wood produces fire, so it will be an active year for wood elements such as textile, clothing, magazine, paper, books and environmental industry. The not so good industry is fire. Fire industries are energy, restaurant, finance, entertainment, in a fire year, this industry will be very active, but competition is also very strong and the fire snake brings many competitors in the scene.

Banking and financial tsunami that started in 2008 is mostly triggered by the absence of fire elements and the dominating water element which generated fear. Banking is Metal and it needs fire to melt it into useful tools. And finance and stock market are more related to fire which generates optimism. As such, the total absence of fire element in 2008 is responsible for the slowdown in economy and the banking crisis. However, the real fire year returns in 2014 therefore we see strong recovery of the economy and steady improvement in optimism. This optimism lasted into 2015 as the wood horse is very powerful fire and continues to drive up the market.

In summary, the industries that will perform well in the year of the Horse will be industries related to Metal and Water elements. Metal industries are banking, machinery, engineering, computer, and high tech industries. Water element is referring to transport, communications and shipping, drinks, and spa. Wood industry will be moving ahead with conservatism; wood sees fire as productivity but sees wood as competition. Wood industries are textile, environment, paper, and news media. Fire industries are energy, finance and entertainment, it may not be doing very well as their money element metal is absent and the strong fire means keen competition in the financial market.

In general, the Yang Wood Horse year, with wood on top and fire below, is symbol of optimism and enthusiasm for new innovations and progress. There is still conflict and disharmony in international relationship and may not be a peaceful year and the international clashes are violent and can lead to fierce battles.. Also there are natural disasters such as tornado and hurricane and some fire disasters and nuclear issues and disease and epidemic The animal sign which is most unfavorable is the Rat which is in direct clash against the Horse. Such clashes will usually bring about turbulence, movements, accident or changes...As it is fire clash against water, it will stimulate misfortunes related to air and sea traffic accidents, fire disasters, explosions and nuclear troubles, heart attack, stroke and inflammation problems.People born in the year of the Rat will anticipate more traveling, or movements such as changing jobs or moving house. It is necessary to carry the pendant of a Goat as protection to attract the Horse away. For the Rat people, the clash against the Horse could bring accidents related to fire and water, such as burning, explosions, sinking of ship, accidents in the air and at sea. For people who are under clash with the year, it is ok to travel more, making changes such as moving house, or change job. However, for people born in the year of the Rat it is recommended not to travel directly towards the direction of the Grand Duke, which is the south direction. The other animal’s signs facing unfavorable positions is the Horse. When Horse encounters Horse year will be offending the Grand Duke as well as self penalty. Such penalties will usually bring disharmony, irritation, worries and frustrations, as well as sickness, it is necessary to carry Goat pendant to minimize the negative effect.

The animals combining with the Horse year are the Goat, the Tiger, and the Dog. These animals are into a year of harmony. However, such animal astrology is not totally reliable as the system is not recognized as a formal type of fortune-telling. For more reliable assessment of one’s fortune in the year of the Horse, it is recommended that one checks the full Four Pillars of Destiny, which requires full birth data information of the Year, Month, Day and Hour of birth. As the animal signs can appear in all four pillars in a person’s birth data, the clash and penalty relationship with the Horse will not only cause impact on people born in the year of Rat and Horse. Such clash and penalties can also impact anyone who has such animals in the birth month, or day or hour.

Some examples of famous people born in the year of the Rat and in clash against the Horse in 2014 are Prince Charles, Prince Harry, Mark Zuckerberg, Pope Francis, Scarlet Johansson, Orianthi ……. There are people not born in the year of Rat, but they are also under clash because they are born on the day of Rat, so they will also face a challenging year. Some examples of these people are Warren Buffett, Jennifer Lawrence, Asthon Kutcher, Yao Ming, Sandra Bullock, Wendi Deng, Terry Gou, Kiera Knightly ……. …. The clash against the Day Pillar will usually cause movement or conflict in the family or human relationship area, especially in the relationship with the spouse or opposite sex.

People born in year of the Horse is said to be “offending the Grand Duke” and it is also recommended to carry pendant of the Goat... Examples of people born in Horse year are Angela Merkel, John Travolta, Condoleezza Rice, Jennifer Lawrence, Kristen Stewart, Kiefer Sutherland, Shinzo Abe, C.Y. Leung, Joe, Biden, Francios Hollande, Warren Buffett,

People who are born on Horse day will also suffer from “self penalty” with the Horse, this may also cause relationship problems and health issues. Some examples of such people are Natalie Portman, Pricilla Chan, Bernard Arnault….The Horse is “Flower of Romance” particularly for people who are born in years of Snake, Rooster, and Ox. So one can anticipate a more sociable year with more opportunity to develop friendship with the opposite sex... People born in the year of the Monkey will be into year of “Travelling Horse” and the Horse year will trigger more travelling and

The Horse is a “Nobleman” for people born in years of Yin metal Heavenly stems. This means any birth year ending with the number 1, such as 1951, 1961, 1971, 1981, 1991……ect. “Nobleman” is our protective angels who will come to help us and make everything smooth and positive. The Horse is also the “Academic star” for people born on a Yin wood day. So it is good to choose a yin wood day for baby birth, and a favorable birth month will be July, November and March, as the Yang wood in the year will be a “Star of

Virtue” if the baby is born in these months. Feng Shui energies also change from year to year. Therefore, it is necessary to watch for the re-allocation of good and bad energies at the beginning of each year, so that we can take necessary precautions if some bad energy happens to arrive at important locations of our residence or offices. In the year of the Horse, the Flying star that gets into the centre is 4, which is wood element, wind trigram, hence it will not be surprising we will have more disaster related to wind in 2014. The flying stars are changing on 9 years cycle. The last time when 4 went to centre is 2005, it is the year of the famous storm Katrina attacking USA. The star number 4 also is “peach Blossom” and will bring romance and sex scandals as well as prosperity to glamorous industries such as entertainment, movie, fashion etc.

The most dangerous star to watch is the bad energy called “Five Yellow” – symbolizing obstacles and misfortune, arrives at the NW. It is recommended that one hangs a metal wind chime in the NW of the house to dissolve this bad energy. The worst months will be in June, August, and September 2014. Another bad star number 2, symbolizing sickness, will arrive in the east in 2014. The traditional method to dissolve this 2 is to hang a string of six metal coins in the affected area in the east of the house The Grand Duke this year is in the South, hence it is not favorable to “move earth” or make substantial construction work in this direction. It is also not recommended for one to sit with back against North as you will be sitting against the unfavorable energy called “Three Shars” or “Three Killings”. The North is the “Crash position” against the Grand Duke which is also not good to sit. The bad star 3 is a star of conflict and robbery. This is present in the SE of the house. It is necessary to put a piece of red paper in this position to minimize such bad influence. Also the bad star 7, representing scandals is in the NE, the traditional solution for this bad star 7 is to place 3 piece of bamboo plant grown in clear glass vase of water in the NE location.

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