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String of Triple Treasure - Kirin, Pei Yau and 3 Legged Toad

The Triple Treasure of Feng Shui - 3 Auspicious Animals

The three essential auspicious animals in Feng Shui are the Kirin, the Pei Yau, and the 3-legged Toad. These 3 animals protecting your fortune and your home are now made available as personal accessories so you can carry your protection with you.

The Kirin - Protection against bad shapes
essential for protection against misfortune caused by inauspicious shapes and objects in the environment. Such as sharp corners, crack from the sky, tiger head, poison arrow, flat top, curve blade.. etc.

The Pei Yau - Protection against bad supernatural forces
also called Foo Dog, it is a popular animal for the home to protect against bad energy of supernatural and spiritual nature. It is also said to be good to attract money and prosperity into the house.

The Three Legged Toad - Attracting money prosperity
a very popular legendary animal for home and business today as it is spitting coins into the house. As such, it is commonly used for attracting money luck.

Price: $120.00